Monday, July 11, 2011

18. Corbels, Corbels, Corbels

A corbel is a wood, metal or stone bracket that juts out of a wall to support the structure above it. Corbels can be structural or purely decorative. For our home, we would like to install decorative corbels to go along with our Craftsman Style.

Now we need to decide what kind of corbels to install on our new, beautiful home! There are two styles we are trying to decide between.

The first is a beam-like corbel. This style looks like the main beams of the house extend out to the roof line. They would then be painted white to match the exterior. This style of corbel can be seen in the photo below at the center of the gable.

The other style of Corbel we love has a bit more detail. It features a decorative arch that makes it more prominent.

Please help us decide which corbels to install! Cast your vote on our Facebook page at


  1. Beautiful blog i must say it. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. My heart is on the first house. The corbels stood out more compared to the second house.


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  3. I like the first design too. It looks classier and the details stood out better for me. I'm green with envy. I'm actually thinking of renovating our Manila condo but not as extreme as this one.