Thursday, June 23, 2011

15. Stairway

Because we have a beautiful dark hardwood going throughout the main floor, we have decided to carry that style up the stairway for a more elegant look. We also will be carpeting the stairs with the same carpet that spreads throughout the upper floor. We love the look of carpet-covered stairs and we're also in love with the benefits.
Here are some advantages to putting carpet on your stairway:
  • Safety - Adding carpet to a wooden staircase makes for a less-slippery surface. This can prevent an accidental slip down the stairs. It also reduces the sharp corners which could cause injury.
  • Noise - The padding and carpet on the hard wood surface makes for a quieter trip up and down your stairway.
  • Style - Carpeting the stairway can be a great way to liven up a stark staircase. This can be especially useful in a dark, narrow stairwell if you use the carpet to brighten up and accent the hardwood underneath.
There are two ways to achieve this look. You can either do hardwood stair treads and risers, or tread caps with carpet down the center. The diagram below shows which part of the stairs is a tread, and which is the riser.

We have decided to accomplish this look with the tread caps on our stairway.
Here is a look at our stairwell so far. We have just begun the finish work on it. You can see where the tread caps have been installed. These will soon be smoothed and stained to match the hardwood floors below.

Check back again soon to see the final product!

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