Monday, June 13, 2011

13. Transom Windows

We need your help deciding whether or not to install transom windows in our Parade Home. Transom windows are a small window built-in above a doorway. See an example below:

Transom windows used to be built solely for functionality. They allowed air to travel through the house without compromising security. They were also used to allow natural light into other areas of the home that didn't have windows, such as hallways.  

Transom windows are commonly found in homes up to the late
20th century when the innovation of central or forced duct heating became prominent in new home construction. Since then, the original functions of transom windows haven't been necessary.  As a result, transom windows are now seen as a stylistic architectural accent, mostly used for visual appeal.  

What do you think? Should we install transom windows in our Parade Home or not? Cast your vote on our Facebook page at:

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