Friday, May 13, 2011

10. Countertops

The votes have been counted and the winning color for the island cabinet is . . . . . . . .Espresso - just like the pictures from which we're modeling the kitchen.  As a result, this is what we will be installing into the home for the Parade.

Now we need your help in selecting the counter top! We're down to two different options:
Bianco Antico Granite or White Marble.  

See below for the benefits/downfalls of each and vote on our Facebook page for what you'd recommend (

Option #1 - Bianco Antico Granite
Granite is known for its hardness and strength. It is more difficult to scratch and stain than marble. This beautiful stone can withstand high-traffic areas and works great for a kitchen countertop. However, it is difficult to find granite that is really white and it's appearance is not as rich, smooth, and clean as marble.   

Option #2 - White Marble
Marble is a much whiter stone than Granite and provides a very rich, clean look. Marble has been making a huge comeback this lately and reflects the latest in style & trends in today's kitchens.  However, marble is a softer stone than granite, which makes it is a bit more high-maintenance.  It chips, scratches and stains much easier than granite.  This is its major downfall . . . . . . but it sure is beautiful!!!  See pictures of marble counter tops from our model kitchens below:

So what do you think? Should we install Bianco Antico Granite or White Marble in our Parade Home kitchen? Cast your vote on our Facebook page: