Friday, May 20, 2011

11. Kitchen Hardware

It's time to pick the hardware for the kitchen. This includes drawer pulls, knobs, and handles for the cabinets. We are down to two options. Please help us choose!

Option #1
This option has a more traditional, farmhouse feel. It is a half dome, satin nickel drawer pull.

 You can see this style installed on the island in the kitchen below.

Option #2
This option is a more contemporary choice. It is also a brushed nickel, but the squared shape gives it a more modern feel.

You can see this style featured in the kitchen below

Caryn Bortniker:  Transitional kitchen with timeless details. Honed calcutta countertops, limestone ...

Tell us what you think! Be sure to cast your vote on our facebook page at

Friday, May 13, 2011

10. Countertops

The votes have been counted and the winning color for the island cabinet is . . . . . . . .Espresso - just like the pictures from which we're modeling the kitchen.  As a result, this is what we will be installing into the home for the Parade.

Now we need your help in selecting the counter top! We're down to two different options:
Bianco Antico Granite or White Marble.  

See below for the benefits/downfalls of each and vote on our Facebook page for what you'd recommend (

Option #1 - Bianco Antico Granite
Granite is known for its hardness and strength. It is more difficult to scratch and stain than marble. This beautiful stone can withstand high-traffic areas and works great for a kitchen countertop. However, it is difficult to find granite that is really white and it's appearance is not as rich, smooth, and clean as marble.   

Option #2 - White Marble
Marble is a much whiter stone than Granite and provides a very rich, clean look. Marble has been making a huge comeback this lately and reflects the latest in style & trends in today's kitchens.  However, marble is a softer stone than granite, which makes it is a bit more high-maintenance.  It chips, scratches and stains much easier than granite.  This is its major downfall . . . . . . but it sure is beautiful!!!  See pictures of marble counter tops from our model kitchens below:

So what do you think? Should we install Bianco Antico Granite or White Marble in our Parade Home kitchen? Cast your vote on our Facebook page:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

9. Framing Complete

The framing is now complete.  Check out the pictures below to see how the home is starting to look like the rendering shown above.  We'll have another kitchen design question ready for you tomorrow so stay tuned.

Monday, May 9, 2011

8. Kitchen Design

Now that the framing is almost complete, it's time to design the kitchen and we 
need your help deciding which color island to install! We're modeling the kitchen after 
the two pictures below: 

We're trying to decide if we should do an Espresso Brown or White colored island.  Help us decide!

Check out the photo below. We're trying to figure out if we should install an Espresso-colored island (shown above) that stands out from the bright white cabinets around the perimeter. Or, install a White island that matches the white perimeter cabinets (see below).

Tell us what you think we should choose! Visit our facebook page at to cast your vote!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

7. Framing Almost Complete

It's been a couple weeks since we started framing the home.  It's getting close being completed:

FRONT: The front of the home is starting to come to life. 
Notice how the gables and windows are starting to appear!

Take a look at the covered, wrap-around front porch. 

SIDE: This is the side view of the master bedroom/bathroom and you 
can see the covered porch being constructed to the right.

BACK: The back of the home is positioned perfectly to take 
advantage of the view of the valley and Wasatch mountains.